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By forging a relationship between fashion and technology we have simultaneously reimagined fashion’s relationship with sustainability. Our focus is on the future—and it’s Ultraconscious.

Ultracor is driven by the future—by evolution, innovation, and an innate responsibility to preserve our home for generations to come. We have been committed to sustainability since our inception in 2015, before the fashion industry woke up to the urgency of its effects on the planet. Today, we are not only leaders in conscious fashion but have reduced our carbon footprint by 95%. Our dedication to the preservation and restoration of the environment—through eco-friendly practices, ever-evolving solutions, and boundary-pushing engineering—brings us one step closer to becoming the most sustainable tech-focused company on the market.

“Beauty Through Performance™.”

Our vision for a clean, green, and bright future is rooted in vertical fashion. We follow an on demand-to-supply model, meaning every item is locally made-to-order to avoid waste. Vertical operations ensure that everything from sketch to manufacturing is done in-house, cutting out unnecessary shipping and transportation. Just like our advanced designs, which have reimagined the possibilities of activewear, our production is equally innovative. Using ethically sourced materials, combined with our digital printing technology, allows us to eliminate water waste, the use of chemicals, and toxic dyes, leading to a significant decrease in our environmental impact.

We are single-handedly redefining luxury activewear to incorporate ethical fashion. True luxury is a thriving planet today, and tomorrow. Supporting Ultracor means supporting our mission it’s about giving the gift of sustainability to yourself, the people in your life, and the world as a whole. Unparalleled quality and style have never felt this good.

We create—and protect—beauty through performance.